Infotainment News Watch: Jim Carrey Replaces Joaquin Phoenix In Joker With New Deepfake Video

It’s difficult to imagine anyone doing a better job in Joker than Joaquin Phoenix. The actor delivered a tour-de-force that blew critics and fans away, picking up a well-deserved Academy Award for his efforts. But with the advent of deepfake technology, we’re able to see what it’d be like if other actors had been cast in iconic roles. This has seen a lot of seriously cool videos being produced, with my favorite putting Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr in Back to the Future.

Now YouTuber ‘stryder HD’ has put Jim Carrey in the oversized shoes of Arthur Fleck, giving us a hint as to how the film might have looked if the casting had taken a different turn. The deepfake looks great (though it’s a shame about the awful voiceover) and it seems that Carrey would likely have been a great fit for this part.

Despite being primarily known as a family-friendly comedic actor Carrey has often taken on darker roles: for example in The Cable Guy and The Number 23, as well as showing off his dramatic chops in classics like The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He’s also a popular subject for deepfakes, with one famous video putting him in place of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

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Right now Warner Bros are no doubt looking for an actor to play the Joker in a sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Reports are that Johnny Depp was angling for the job, but that’s now looking unlikely given his recent legal defeat. Still, insiders claimed the studio is searching for someone to play a ‘flamboyant’ take on the villain and Carrey could certainly provide that along with the reqquisite murderous complexity.

While Carrey could probably do the role justice, I don’t see him playing the Joker anytime soon. My bet is that Warner Bros will go for a younger actor in order to differentiate themselves from Phoenix’s version of the character. Still, it’s nice to ponder how things could have been very different in Joker.

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